Helping people play better together in the sandbox.

Collaboration * Innovation * Creativity * Productivity


Understanding what motivates you and the people power within your organization inspires
insight, productivity, joy, 
and happiness. Through creativity and innovation, I support teams and leaders
to reach their goals, 
realize their potential and embrace confidence. Opening the door to new possibilities
by accepting and celebrating HOW we think, together we can 
inspire collective creativity. Through collaborating,
writing, and sharing insights, 
connection becomes sustainable and enhances productivity. This helps build cultures of innovation and agility that insures the future of organizations and their purpose.

How Whole Brain thinking will help you:

  • Developing collaborative, creative approaches for YOUR success; supporting company and individual goals, vision, and values and identifying strengths and challenges, creating plans based on these needs.

  • Supporting productivity and fresh perspectives by recognizing, respecting, and utilizing thinking preferences and cognitive diversity for your company and stakeholders.

  • Creating awareness within organizations and companies of their unique, endless strengths and skills. 

  • Encouraging work-life balance strategies to reduce stress and burn-out.
  • Discovering and applying new communication skills.

  • Cultivating teamwork and productivity in a sustainable way by nurturing existing teams and developing new teams using whole Brain Methodology. HBDI assessment profiles for each team member included with interactive tools and activities to enhance team’s performance

  • Creative writing coaching, editing, blog and website mentoring, ghost writing, podcasting, public speaking support. Writing experiences through group facilitation. Coaching to publish supporting brand recognition and success, top of mind thinking and thought leadership.

Meet Pam

Glad you are here! Creating relationships that thrive and sustain meaning through change bring us joy and encourage us to find our purpose.

It took a long time; however, I finally embraced my creativity in a way that allowed me to stand strong and sure. By accepting HOW I think, and what brings me JOY, I am able to empower and inspire myself and others through writing, collaborating, educating, and most importantly connecting.

Thinking OUTSIDE the box, in the most creative ways has always been my strength. Looking at challenges via a growth mindset has presented opportunities to learn, grow and adapt throughout life, both professionally and personally.

Certified as a Whole Brain practitioner, I work collaboratively within organizations to enhance the experience of every team member. I am committed to creativity and passion to connect and inspire. My perspective offers clarity and vision from ideas to action.

As a Master Level Social Worker, I have developed, designed, and implemented training in school districts, mental health agencies and the community. Working with Girls on Track (Girls on the Run), Girl Scouts, school committees and local food pantries has enhanced my ability to work with a wide variety of organizations.

Over the years, I have discovered that personal touch and leading with heart always has a place. My way of engaging is by coaching/mentoring- embracing and supporting the version of strong, confident, aware, and centered.

At heart, I am a storyteller, making sense of the world, finding humor and light through writing. My passion is to inspire others to discover their voice through their own stories. And to share this vision in every aspect of life.

A published writer for over 20 years, and I have written for print and on-line magazines, as well as my own blogs/personal narratives. Each requires a different perspective, set of skills and voice.

I also facilitate StoryCorps interviews; one of my favorite ways to shine a light on people I meet along the journey.

Superpowers :

Whole Brain Thinking provides insight into our THINKING PREFERENCES. Through Whole Brain Thinking, learn more about team building, collaboration, communication, increasing productivity, leadership, thought diversity and improving work-life balance. HOW do you think?!!

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    Pam Wilson, MSW, LMSW

    Pam Wilson, MSW, LMSW