Alaina Huebner: Flower Girl

Alaina Huebner is the owner and founder of Flora MiLou Wedding and Events Floristry in St. Louis, Missouri. A 26-year-old entrepreneur who specializes in beautiful floral arrangements for weddings, Alaina’s mission is to create a bridal experience from beginning to end feel like a celebration! To listen to our StoryCorps interview, click read more and then click here:

As a teacher, Alaina loved making a beautiful space for her students. Standing out while studying education by learning as much as she could and gaining experience beyond the curriculum, she even started a networking group for women educators called “Be the Blossom.” Within two years, she knew teaching was not the life for her.

She knew she was destined for something else. She knew she was meant to do something more meaningful and significant for herself.

Timing and life often play a role when we allow ourselves to dream.

While preparing for her own wedding, Alaina made fun accessories for her bachelorette party and shower. Beginning an Etsy page, she realized she was on the right track. “I knew I was meant to be my own boss and carve my own path,” she says. A self-described introvert, Alaina knows she gets her energy from recharging alone and creating on her own time.

This was key to her exploring her creativity and figuring out a way to use this feeling to follow her passion.

On her wedding day, she was awaiting her bridal bouquet in the Brides Room. When she was handed her bouquet, she felt like a bride; beautiful. She loved the flowers and hugged them goodbye. She knew then that she would have a life full of stems, buds, and florals.

In 2022, she educated herself in all things flowers as well as business, going so far as to work in a flower shop. She began to research floral design. As in everything she did, Alaina learned as much as she could, enjoying the journey.

Flora MiLou Wedding and Events Floristry was born. She booked a wedding, did a wedding show, and then booked nine weddings from that show! Alaina then booked over twenty events in her first year. One of her goals is to be an accessible florist, having no minimum. She works with every budget; wanting every bride to have a beautiful, fresh bridal bouquet on her wedding day.

At 26, she understands that all her life people categorized her based on her voice. She didn’t consider pursuing any other path except wife, mom, and teacher. She is highly creative and energetic. Learning more about herself, she now understands and embraces her OWN identity, authenticity, and uniqueness. “This is the core of my existence.” Recognizing, understanding, and acting on this takes a strong person. Speaking with her, listening to her talk about her journey and her decision to go for something she knew she could do and wanted to pursue, you can understand why she and her business are thriving.

Alaina wakes up every day, loving the full process. From the beginning to the wedding, she enjoys every moment.

With the support of her new husband, Alaina is full speed ahead. She has a floral workroom in her garage and a cute little shop that supports all things bridal. She is a full-service member of the bridal team.

“While I’m designing the flowers, I want everything to reflect the individual. I think about the bride and can hear her story while I’m designing,” she says.

For the bride, she says, “I want her to feel enough,” on this, her wedding day.

She helps people feel and BE the celebration. Her energy and mission are on display; her passion is obvious from the minute you begin talking with her.

Her Legacy? “I am a person that women can come to when they want to feel celebrated! I provide an entire experience-you are enough and beautiful. My designs reflect the true inner beauty of every woman I work with.”

“Flora MiLou signifies the beauty and celebration of womanhood.”

Alaina Huebner is like the flowers she works with. Beautiful, worthy and smart enough to be happy.

Find her here:

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