Angela Remington Brings First Girls’ BSA Troop to Clarkson Valley

Angela Remington liked what her sons were experiencing in the Boy Scouts. She was intent on finding and providing the same opportunities for her daughter and other girls in Wildwood.

Like most parents’ intent on a goal, Angela researched and brainstormed how she and her family could launch the first Girls’ BSA Troop into Clarkson Valley. As a mom who saw a gap she asked, “What can I do to fill that need and provide resources for our daughters?”

Families in Clarkson Valley and Wildwood now have the opportunity to participate in Scouting together through family scouting which promotes and links scout troops that are enjoying similar activities while providing different approaches. The family scouting approach is important to leaders as it encourages families to be together, learn together and experience the wide range of programming together.

“One of the reasons that we wanted to create a troop in Wildwood, was so that girls had accessibility to BSA (Boy Scouts of America). There was a Boy Scout troop, and we wanted both boys and girls to have scouting experiences and opportunities together and within their own troop. We want to make sure our girls have every opportunity afforded to them! We know girls will feel comfortable in themselves when they have the support, activities and opportunities presented to them,” Angela stated as she explained her reasons for bringing a BSA Girls Troop to Clarkson Valley.

The Remington’s are a Scouting family. Zeke, Angela’s husband was an Eagle Scout and involved since he was young. Their older son Xavier,14 participated in NYLT through BSA National Youth Leadership Training. These leadership training programs are geared to youth and comparable to corporate training. Winston,10 is Scout Rank and new to the troop. Evelyn,12 is a First-Class scout. She has already earned fifteen merit badges and is looking forward to deep dives into adventures like her older brother. Angela and Zeke have been through the cub scouting program with their sons and are now Scout Master for 677G (Girls Troop) and Assistant Scout Master 677B (Boys Troop).

What Angela likes is that it’s not just about experiencing events with the Scouts in each troop. It’s making Scouting more streamlined for families and sharing great experiences together.

The Troops in Wildwood/Clarkson Valley are considered LINKED troops. They are separated by gender and share the same chartering and sponsoring organizations. Angela shared, “We are thankful that West County Youth Development is our sponsoring organization. This allows both troops to meet at the same time and in the same place. The troops camp separately, and each troop has its own leadership.”

“We can combine our programs together as a family and our daughters will have the same opportunities that our sons have,” Angela says.

Scouting provides opportunities for kids learning how to cook, manage finances, understanding and practicing leadership skills, how to be a guide, how to deal with interpersonal relationships, learning to be independent and self-reliant, as well as earning all 147 Merit badges. This encourages scouts to learn about specific subjects: geology, hiking, astronomy, and gardening. In turn, this leads to sharing with others. The hope is that all Scouts become well-rounded individuals.

Angela and the BSA understand kids are busy these days. One of the aspects she likes the most is that “Scouting meets you where you are: we will support you in your goals and fun experiences. We know that at various times in your life you have different priorities and sometimes scouting takes a back seat. That’s okay, too. Scouting offers well-rounded experiences including a toolbox for being a positive functioning member of society, incredible leadership opportunities and most importantly, personal growth.”

Nick Prainito, District Executive, of Greater St. Louis Area Council Scouting and New Horizons says, “The addition of a Scouts BSA girls’ troop in Wildwood is outstanding for Scouting, and even more so for the local community. Scouting provides local youth with leadership development and character-building opportunities through various programs including immersive outdoor experiences, top-of-the-line STEM programs, and over 130 merit badges”.

“Scouting aims to serve all young people. Since the inclusion of young women into our Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA programs adopted in 2019, the Greater St. Louis Area Council has been leading the charge in serving this new demographic. Just last year, among over 200 BSA councils nationwide, we ranked #5 in serving females. Troop 677G is the 7th Scouts BSA girls’ troop in the New Horizons District, which serves 3,600 young people throughout West County”.

BSA Girls’ Troop 677G is actively recruiting! Angela hopes to continue welcoming scouts into the troop.

For more information about Boy Scouts of America and Boy Scouts of America Girls’ Troops:

Please contact Angela at: to learn more.

Nick Prainito can be reached at: m: 636.795.3762 o: 314.256.3054

BSA does require all adults to attend and go through a background check as well as protection training and Scout training.

All adults interested in participating are required to provide a background check and must attend protection training and Scout training.

This originally appeared in the May 2024 issue of STROLL Clarkson Valley. Bill Tuttle, Owner, Publisher and Marketing Director.

Thank you to Angela Remington for her time and energy.

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