Clare Marie Kuebler: Miss Missouri 2022

Clare Marie is our Miss Missouri 2022.

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Clare Marie is home-grown in Ellisville, Missouri, attending Marquette High School and The University of Missouri-Columbia as a fourth-generation education major. Listen as she eloquently speaks about her journey to the Miss Spirit of St. Louis pageant and then to Miss Missouri. Clare Marie speaks about her community and team of family and friends; her parents are and have been her support system to this day. She is working hard on her social initiative of childhood cancer during her year-long reign as Miss Missouri as well as visiting and appearing around Missouri. At 22 she is bright, generous, and peaceful as she intentionally sets goals as Miss Missouri and for herself. We are fortunate to have such a gem representing us this year and in the Miss America pageant. And no…. she does not wear her tiara at home! Thanks Clare Marie, you were generous and kind with your time. Wishing you the best always on your journey.

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