Dee Mantia Laidlaw: Living Life in Lucca

Dee Laidlaw decided to become a dual citizen thanks to the gift of her grandfather. To listen to our StoryCorps interview, CLICK READ MORE  and then click here:

I was lucky enough to meet Dee and her sister at Lifetime Fitness West County a few years ago. She is an amazing writer and a woman who lives life to the fullest. She is jumping into her bucket list and learning Italy, the language of her ancestors. She then chose to immerse herself in the culture by living in Italy. ON HER OWN.

Yes, so there’s that.

Fascinated by this choice, I listened as she took language lessons and made plans to live in Lucca for a month in May. She chose to go on this adventure, because as she says, “I didn’t want to wait for someone to do this with.”

Yes, so there’s that.

I found it very brave and mentioned that to her. She asked why I found it brave. I think we both made one another think about this. I think it took courage and tenacity to learn the language and make her way independently in Italy. I applaud her for following her dream.

In addition, the photo with her suitcases, is Dee headed to the airport for six weeks with two bags. Another reason to admire this world traveler.

After the four weeks on her own, which from her account sounds like the time of her life, her sisters joined her, and they enjoyed a few weeks traveling through Italy.

She makes friends easily and is looking forward to next spring when Dee returns to Lucca. And yes, she has room for guests.

La vita e’ breve, vivila! Life is short, live it!

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