How Whole Brain Thinking Will Help You


WHAT is Whole Brain Thinking? WBT is a way to recognize, understand and respect our thinking PREFERENCES. Not our skills or abilities.

Whole Brain Thinking, coined by Ned Hermann in the 1970’s is a way that we can use our thinking preferences to challenge ourselves, stretch outside our own preferences and work better/more efficiently with others. It is a way to recognize how we prefer to think as well as how we work, play, and live with others. With WBT, we have our WHOLE brain to use!

As an agile thinker, a priority in today’s ever-changing world, our interactions and more importantly, collaborations become more productive, creative, innovative, and strategic.

Understanding what motivates you and the people power within your organization inspires insight, productivity, joy, and happiness. Through creativity and innovation, WBT and certified practitioners like me, support teams and leaders to reach their goals, realize their potential and embrace confidence.

Opening the door to new possibilities by accepting and celebrating HOW we think, together we can inspire collective creativity. Through collaborating, writing, and sharing insights, connection becomes sustainable and enhances productivity. This helps build cultures of innovation and agility that insures the future of organizations and their purpose.

WBT is an innovative way to develop collaborative, creative approaches for YOUR success; supporting company and individual goals, identifying strengths and challenges, and creating plans based on these needs.

WBT builds a unique culture within your organization as a team-mate, mindful of your company’s vision, values, and behaviors.

WBT cultivates teamwork, productivity, and efficiency in a sustainable way by nurturing existing teams and developing new teams using whole Brain Methodology. HBDI assessment profiles and debriefing for each team member included with interactive tools and activities to enhance team’s performance.

WBT also provides an under-pressure profile. This profile helps us understand how we THINK under pressure.

WBT supports discovering and applying new communication skills.

WBT Supports productivity by recognizing, respecting, and utilizing thinking preferences and cognitive diversity.

WBT Offers fresh perspectives and insights for your company and stakeholders.

WBT celebrates People Power: Creating awareness within organizations and companies of their unique, endless strengths and skills.

WBT Improves productivity by creating more quality results, not just volume.

WBT Creates work-life balance strategies to reduce stress and burn-out.

WBT transforms through education, wisdom, and experience to connect with others.

WBT focuses and captures your message for optimal influence; providing an ability use your strongest, surest voice.

Are you ready to find out HOW YOU THINK?

Learn more about HOW your thinking preferences will influence HOW you work, play, and live with others!



About Pam Wilson

I've been writing since I can remember. At heart, I am a story-teller; making sense of my world, finding humor and light through writing. Now I help clients to write their own stories. As I continue my own writing journey, my passion is to help clients write their own stories.