Jack Baumann: Travel Expert, Founder and CEO of Guidester

Some of us dream of a life of travel. To listen to our StoryCorps interview, click read more and then click here: Travel Expert Jack Baumann

Some of us would love to figure out, like Jack Baumann of Guidester, HOW to make a living at travel!  THIS interview is such fun-hope you enjoy listening as much as I loved spending time with Jack!

Jack has always had a knack for travel. He figured out early on -he holds a graduate degree from Cardiff University-how to see the world and share his joy with others. Jack’s tours are personalized, small and the cultural experience is the focus. He includes off-the-beaten-path suggestions all linked to your phone.

Through Guidester, Jack book tours for individuals and families and leads tour groups-preferring to keep his groups to about 14 travels. He is a licensed travel agent and tour guide.

For whatever travel you are dreaming about…. contact Jack (info below) for a well-planned, creative travel adventure!

Also, he pretty much changed my life with packing pods!!!!

On his way out the door as I once again said we had his mom to thank, he said, “I’m doing this because of my mom’s support. Without it, I never would have done this.”


w:www.guidester.com  e: jack@guidester.com


Expect Good. Defy Gravity. Sparkle ON! Pack your suitcase for an adventure!

To reach Jack: www.guidester.com

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