Janice Denham: Editor and Writer

Lucky enough to call Janice Denham my editor, I am still in awe of her talent, honesty and kindness. To listen to our StoryCorps interview, click “Read More below” and then click here: Janice Denham: Writer for Life 

I had been writing S.O.S. From Suburbia a parenting column for many years by the time Janice took over as editor. She had been editing magazines and newspaper at The St. Louis Post-Dispatch for many years. It was a match made in Mary Tyler Moore heaven! S.O.S. From Suburbia started its journey in Savvy Family Magazine, migrated to St. Louis Moms and Dads and then was printed and on-line in the Post.

After a few editors I understood that they all had a different vision which I found helpful. Janice was patient and understood what I was trying to say each month. I cannot even begin to say how much she helped and guided me. She made my columns SO much better. She taught me how to self-edit and how to pull the idea out of each thought. At the time, I was watching Sex and the City when Candace Bergen was Carrie’s editor. Jokingly I started calling Janice, “My own Candace” which made us both smile. To this day, I am thankful for the time I had working with Janice and our continued friendship. And it does feel very Mary Tyler Moore!


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