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Jill and Tim Gray of Higher Focus Photography believe in the beauty of the stories we can tell through portraits and video storytelling. To listen to our StoryCorps interview, CLICK READ MORE  and then click here: https://archive.storycorps.org/interviews/portrait-artists-jill-and-tim-gray/

Jill and Tim have created a place and business together that encourages people to BE their best-in photos and in life. Taking a leap of faith to create their business, they live their motto: Portraits for Amazing People.

They like to say they are telling stories through visual medium.

With their visual storytelling, Jill, and Tim hope to offer an opportunity for everyone to see themselves in a different light. They offer a connection to our inner selves, a transformation.

“This is where the real story comes out.”


About four years ago, I was lucky enough to work with Jill and Tim on a story. They took amazing photos while I interviewed an artist and architect (https://wilsonmentoringwriting.com/). They put me at ease with their laid-back style of visual storytelling. It was an incredibly fun shoot and I appreciated working with such professionals.

Fast forward two or so years and while starting a business it was suggested I have professional photos taken. That a selfie on a business website needed to be rethought. (https://wilsonmentoringwriting.com/camera-ready/)

It reminded me of the great Carrie Bradshaw line, “I’m a writer, not a model.” I texted Jill and asked her advice. We then spoke about what a professional photo could do for not only my website, but for me personally. She asked me to trust her. Did she know I already did?

Heading to Higher Focus on a Saturday very nervous, the minute I stepped into Jill and Tim’s space I relaxed. They were here to make it fun.

What actually ended up happening (Tim speaks about this on the StoryCorps interview) was a photo shoot that empowered me. The feeling of belief in what I could do professionally and following through on my dreams has stayed with me to this day. Whenever I begin to doubt myself, I look at those photos and remember the feelings, the fun, and the discovery of how I could see myself and feel about myself.


When we spoke about the photo shoot, both Jill and Time reminded me of the Importance of seeing someone others can relate to. Seeing me live out my dreams could help others. Representation is important. I hadn’t thought about it that way, however, I am very visual, and many times images encourage me. Sometimes this happens in ways we might not even be completely aware of.


Two other important aspects that Jill and Tim emphasized.

First is the importance of photography in and for a family. Print photos create a legacy. This can be very powerful, creating legacy with images. Jill reminds us, “It’s important to have pictures and portraits of family, friends, and life. The pictures on our phones and computers are great. AND…print them! When all is said and done, printed portraits create this legacy for your family.”


Second, Higher Focus Photography supports entrepreneurs while running and growing their business. “We have a full-service photography studio providing your business with professional images, including executive portraits, storefront portraits, product shots, video, and much more.”

They have recently entered the world of branding. And have been helping me with branding as well.

“We understand where people are coming from. Being able to see the brand express itself in a unique and powerful way allows the message to get out into the world,” Tim says.

Working with Storybrand, they learned how to tell their story by helping others tell their stories.

They are happy to mentor other photographers by becoming friends and creating a community of visual storytellers around the world.

Jill and Tim of Higher Focus Photography continue to create feelings and experiences with visual storytelling. They are the medium that encourages and supports people to live and tell their stories! I am grateful for their insight, ideas, and their way of challenging me to be the best I can be!

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