Karen Sher: Baking Challah with Love

Karen Sher delights in preparing and baking her challah. Over the years, she would bake and serve her challah on Shabbat Friday evenings. Her challah is the BEST I’ve ever had-and I baked it for years. To listen to our StoryCorps interview: click Read More below and then click: https://archive.storycorps.org/interviews/karen-sher-bakes-challah-with-love/


Karen and I met twenty-two years ago when our daughters were in the same preschool class. I was an immediate fan. I loved Karen’s commitment to raise her family in a Jewish home which included Shabbat dinners, Jewish day camp and singing. And I was in awe of how she handled the day-to-day family responsibilities of parenting, her views on the world including friendships and her relationship with her husband (Howard is a GREAT guy!), her own parents and her in-laws. Her mother-in-law Barb is one of my favorite people on earth.

If Karen had a fan club, I would be in it! In fact, I am. She is smart, funny, bright, fun and a loyal friend who always has my back. In fact, she has the back of all those that she loves. If you are fortunate enough to know Karen Sher, you are lucky indeed.

Over the years as our daughters grew up, we stayed in contact often hiking and meeting for birthdays. And I always knew I would see Karen at any Jewish Federation function. I have observed Karen follow her dreams in her work life; impressed by what she wants to accomplish and what she IS accomplishing.

As for her challah baking…. I’ve enjoyed this challah anytime I could! In fact, Karen was the baker of the challah that we had at my son’s Bar Mitzvah celebration.

When she mentioned she was baking it for the High Holidays this year, I knew I wanted to see the magic behind the curtain.

Yes, there was flour and salt, eggs, and yeast and even honey for the new year thrown in.

What was the real magic?

Karen’s love.

Thanks to Karen Sher for sharing her Sunday afternoon with me. It was a lovely afternoon.

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My Challah with the dough Karen sent with me. And once it was baked…hard to resist!



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