My LEAP Year with Colleen Biggs

It’s Thursday afternoon and I am zooming into a Leap Networking event. In fact, every Thursday afternoon for this entire year I have been on a Leap networking/community event. Come rain, shine, cold, warm, St. Louis spring day-the only time I wasn’t on a Leap networking/community zoom this year was when I was on a train and didn’t have internet.

I needed to hear and see Colleen Biggs, the founder of the Leap Community for Women where visibility, support, challenge, determination, and encouragement were on offer every single Thursday afternoon. I looked forward to this and made sure I was available.

On the first Thursday of each month, Colleen offers a “Take the Leap: Lunch and Learn” which is a networking event. Hop on ten minutes before start time for the dance party. Energetic music, happy faces, and a lot of grooving.

The other Thursday afternoons are a “Thrive Thursday Master Class.” Each week a different member of the Leap community has the opportunity to teach about their business, their specialty and inspire us to thrive. We are educated in different subjects throughout the month as well as having time to get to know one another. I have learned about countless businesses and heard amazing ideas as well as strategies and techniques.

Once a month, there is a speed networking event and once a month a business mastermind-which I have also attended every single month. The amount I learned in the business mastermind classes helped me stay the course. Time and again, both Colleen and the other members challenged me, guided me, and supported my ideas and frustrations. Their questions helped me clarify what I needed to do and what not to do. And I loved contributing when I could for others.

The Leap community also offers podcasts, live-steaming interviews on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook, blog and interview opportunities and member spotlights. I loved all these experiences. I loved learning what to talk about and how to talk to engage other business owners. I also observed Colleen and took note of how she interviewed and the questions and follow-up remarks. You could tell she was listening with every comment. Pivoting back and forth in real time based on the conversation and ideas being discussed.

I met Colleen about five or six years ago when she was an author in an Anthology I was editing. She was delightful to work with and I enjoyed every minute with her. She came to St. Louis for the book launch where were able to meet in person.

She is as big as a minute.

And we all know that good things come in small packages.

Colleen Biggs is one of those women that you want to know. Her positive energy leaps off the screen as well as in person. She is a business coach, entrepreneur, speaker, leader, author, business strategist and strong supporter of women. She is a real, honest, and authentic person.

Empowered Women Empower Women.

When I became an entrepreneur in 2022, I reached out to connect. I knew she had been in corporate America and that she and her husband owned a few businesses. I also knew she had a community for women. I wanted to know more and wanted to be part of whatever she was doing!

Luckily for me and everyone else who is a part of her community, Colleen had established Leap for Ladies, an elite community of women entrepreneurs who are driven by their passions, determination, ideas, and commitment. She is also a coach who teaches the business of business.

Determination, commitment, and passion are words that describe Colleen as well.

In 2023 by participating in the Leap community, I learned the following:

*Visibility begets billability.

*How to get better at what I do.

*What brings me joy; I knew in my heart and soul what this was, but needed to learn either how to bring this into my business world or follow this passion into business or continue to experience joy in other ways so that I could focus on building a business.

*What I want my life to look like.

*Business planning.

*Figuring out who my ideal client is.

*How to realistically present an engaging presentation. What needed to be included, what could be dropped and the importance of including information, experiences, and pictures so that people could know, like and trust me.

*Brainstorming a call to action.

*Business funnel and how to create one.

*Overcoming challenges and NOT taking “NO” personally.

*Follow-up after a meeting pitch or presentation; (YES, this means a phone call!)

*Marketing, digital and print, how to share weekly insights that are considered marketing.

*Knowing that following my passion is worthwhile.



*The importance and value of LinkedIn and knowing how to contribute appropriately.

*The importance of FUN.

*The value of FUN in my life.

*A balanced life-full of good work, PURPOSE and people I love.

*Video ideas.

*Having hard conversations.

*Networking and connecting.

*Permission and encouragement to BE ME.

*Understanding the evolution of business and running a business.

*The importance of FOCUS.

*Knowing that I am a BELIEVER! And can create my own rules. Which helps me live the life I want.

*What I am grateful for. It’s WHO not how….

I have taken a master class in business facilitated by one of the best: Colleen Biggs. She has been an outstanding, inspiring, consistent force during my Leap year.

Thank you, Colleen, for this incredible resource and for YOU. I would not be the business woman I am today without your steadfast vision. I hope you know the gift you’ve given me!

Empowered Women Empower Women.

Expect Good. Defy Gravity. Sparkle On. Take the Leap when you can!

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