National “I’m Glad I Have a Sister” Month

There really isn’t a month like this yet, but there needs to be! I just hung up with my sister after talking to her for, oh, I don’t know, about twenty minutes. We talk about anything and nothing. We can talk every day for a week and then not talk for a few days because we get busy and then talk again for a week straight.

My sister Staci is three years and nine months younger than me. Four years really in things that mattered when she was 8 and I was 12. Three years in school. Now we are of the same generation, so I really don’t think about the difference in our ages, except when it is so obvious that I am older.

Often, much to her delight I tell people I am the younger sister. At first, she was indignant; now she just laughs. My sister is the one person in this entire world that knows exactly who and what I am and doesn’t care. She knows that I love (and can watch) Sex and the City reruns for months. She knows that if we go out to lunch, I am going to be completely healthy AND we will pig-out with chocolate. She knows all my secrets (yes, I did indeed love John Travolta as Vinny Barbarino in Welcome Back Kotter and yes, I really wanted to BE Marcia Brady).

My sister knows all about my life and I about hers, yet we never, ever divulge any secrets or facts to anyone else. She knows my friends and I know hers. We don’t really share any, but her friends are friendly towards me and mine are towards her. She handles all the hard stuff with our mother, and I handled all the yucky stuff with our father. The system works for us.

My sister is THE nicest person in the entire world. I have said this before and I continue to say it. She’s just really nice. Where I am opinionated, my sister is able to stay neutral. Where I might fly off the handle (who, me?), my sister is able to stay calm. Where I may hold a grudge, my sister encourages me to let it go. Where I want to know everything, go everywhere, and meet everyone, my sister is content to tag along for the fun. And she does. It is with my sister that I have the MOST silly fun.

In the summer of 2007, my mom took my sister and me to New York City for an entire week of Broadway Shows, yummy food, and enough walking to last a lifetime. We fell into a comfortable way of travel. I was in charge of finding the fun, my sister was in charge of getting us there (she is really good with a map), and my mom was in charge of funding. My mom made sure we got to the shows on time, I made sure we didn’t miss anything, and Staci, well, she directed us north or south.

We had the greatest week. We loved the shows and meeting the actors and dancers, walking through the different neighborhoods, and seriously eating whenever and whatever we wanted. The one activity my sister thought would be really fun, was to take the “Sex and the City” Tour. It ended up being three of the most hilarious hours of our life…. on a bus!

We often help each other out with our kids who have a good time together. Her kids love the freedom of my house (“the kids? They’re outside playing.”) And my kids love the anything goes of her house (“the kids? They’re watching TV/playing a video game”).

I know I don’t tell her often enough how much I truly appreciate her. I would be lost without this sister of mine. How blessed am I to have the opportunity to be HER sister. Staci, Happy National “I’m Glad I Have a Sister” month!!!

Note: This was originally written and published in 2009. And though there have been changes-we now share friends and other friends know who and what I am, Staci is also often the ringleader in fun; we check in every morning and evening with a sunrise/sunset text and often hang out together.


Most importantly, we can talk about everything and anything.


Just as important…It’s always fun.


I still stand by my thoughts and words. BEST sister ever.


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