Sandy Tomey: A Girlfriend for all Time

There is much to say about this amazing woman who is loving, full of fun and adventure as well as exceptional insight. I would not be the person I am today without her friendship and love.

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How did I get so lucky to be loved by Sandy? I thank the Universe every day for connecting us. I’ve learned that we mother our friends in the way they most need to be mothered. And with Sandy, she instinctively knew what I needed. She often talks about her own upbringing and perhaps she was as fortunate and blessed as she was and is in order to help so many of us wandering souls who need just this kind of love. Sandy laughs easily and often. She is able to see the forest for the trees as well as the trees in the forest. Often, when we speak, she asks the questions I need to be asked in order to think about how to move forward, how to think about a situation from another perspective as well as understand what is already in my heart.

As an energy worker, she has helped me release energy that is no longer serving me. And to open myself to the energy in the Universe that is more important. We have danced, cried, laughed, and lived together. One of my favorite things Sandy does is call me and say, “Hello Sunshine!” She takes such good care of the people in her world, and I am simply one of the lucky ones to call her friend. Sandy is the one that many moons ago suggested I, “Expect good.” With Sandy I am. Thank you my friend, for loving me. I will love you now and forever. Also, I still have those dancing videos…

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