Staci and Thor!

I met Thor a few years ago when my sister Staci was given an amazing gift of a cat. I didn’t know she wanted a cat; however, when it came time for Thor to have a new home, Staci opened her home and her heart.

At first, it was challenging as she was living in an apartment, and we had to be careful when the door opened. Thor was an inside cat, and getting out wouldn’t be safe for him. Staci quickly learned about cats-their behavior, their lifestyle and what each meow meant.

She was very conscientious about Thor’s needs and how to keep him safe, happy, and healthy. Staci had had dogs in the past, and I had witnessed her taking care of these animals. She also loved both dogs I had in the past, German shepherds who adored Aunt Staci. In fact, when we lived together for the year (click here to read about that: Ice Cream in the Freezer – You call it chaos. I call it life. ( ) Crosby who lived with us most of the time, would find Aunt Staci at 2am so she could go outside. This went on for months until the morning when Staci came into my room with Crosby and said, “Go tell your mama what you need! I’m not sure why I’ve been doing this all this time!”

Staci and Thor moved into their current home almost three years ago. On moving day, she lovingly used a travel case for Thor and talked to him the entire way. Then, while movers transported furniture and boxes, she carefully kept Thor safe in a second bedroom which she called Thor’s room.

Though I had met Thor while they lived in the apartment, he mostly stayed with Staci-on their recliner. Maybe it was the move to a new home, maybe he was just being a cat. It wasn’t until Staci and Thor moved and I began spending time with both of them that Thor decided he might want to know me better.

On one of my first visits, we were watching a movie and Thor made his way from Staci’s recliner (their very favorite place to hang out together-often I would get a text: “on my recliner with Thor”) across a table and couch arm to me.

He climbed onto my chest, right under my chin and settled himself. Then he began purring.
Staci looked at us and said, “I’ve never seen him do that with anyone!”

“He must know we are sisters,” I thought.

Once Thor decided I was safe, he would often venture onto the couch and sit with me. Not often, but often enough that we began a relationship.

He seemed happy to purr at me and I was happy that he had accepted me. Whenever I was at Staci’s Thor welcomed me and wanted to be with us. He joined us whenever we watched movies including the Sex and the City reboot.


As much as Thor liked being with both of us, it was Staci that was his true love. I was an okay substitute, but Staci? Thor ADORED Staci. He lived for her. She came to understand all the different meows and their meanings. She talked with him, he purred with her.

And Staci adored Thor.

Thor was a funny cat. Sometimes he would come racing downstairs like a bat out of hell. Staci said that was usually when he had used the litter box upstairs. He loved curling up, playing in his big box and watching whatever we were up to.

When one of us was in the kitchen, he would come into the kitchen and either be under our feet or more often, he would sit in the middle of the kitchen and MEWO so loudly you could hear him a room away! He liked his treats and knew if she was in the kitchen, my sister could be conned into offering one.

Sometimes I would get texts that Thor had tried human food. He liked soup.

A few months ago, the vet told Staci that Thor had kidney disease, and was going blind, if not blind already. She kept everything in its place so Thor could navigate his home. She bought special food for him. Staci thought maybe he was 7-ish. The vet thought it was closer to 12.

Thor was highly active at night, and I received many texts about Thor’s middle of the night hijinks. Waking Staci. I suggested she shut the door. Thor would then sit outside her bedroom door and give one of those loud MEOW’s.

I began to understand that Thor, like the dogs who had lived in my house, were in charge. It was Thor’s house and Staci shared it with him.

One week when I was staying with Staci for medical reasons, Thor thought it was a pajama party. Unfortunately, Thor thought that pajama party was happening at 2am. 3am. 4am.

Thor sat on my head, then Staci’s head. He changed positions and walked all over the place. He seemed to think nighttime didn’t mean sleeping. It was just a new place to play in.


We both needed sleep so the next evening after dinner I suggested we keep Thor awake. Staci told me she often tries to do this.

Ever tried to wake a cat? Or keep a cat awake?

It became my mission to keep Thor awake until we all went to sleep. It was a lot of work! But keep him awake I did.

That night we all slept.

Thor sensed when Staci was tired or concerned about something. He was a loving, kind, funny cat who blessed us, mostly my sister, with his presence. He made us laugh and wonder what he was thinking.

I had been thinking that I wanted to write about Staci and Thor for a while. There was so much love between them. Their relationship benefited both and I was so glad that they had one another.

Sadly, Thor’s condition deteriorated, and he passed away. I imagine Thor with other cat friends MEOWING loudly as he continues to keep an eye on Staci, probably on his own recliner. Thor was a gift in so many ways. He left paw prints on all of our hearts.

We love you, Thor! Thank you for keeping my sister company. Meow to you.


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    Beautiful story!

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