The Magic of our Yoga Room: Jennifer Cooper

Even after teaching three classes Jennifer glows when she talks about yoga and the yoga studio. To listen to our Storycorps interview click here:  the magic of our yoga room at Life Time in west county St. Louis.

Her practice of yoga began when her daughters were young, “It took one class and I completely fell in love with it all and found what worked best for my body and mind. In that first class, the instructor had us be still….and this was the first 5-10 minutes of complete stillness in my life. It was a game changer. I fell in love with it all!”

The magic we bring into the yoga studio stays. It is the people and the community that make it so special. You can actually feel the support in this room with the combined energy of every yogi. We leave what we need to ON the mat and take our practice OFF the mat into the world. It is, as Jennifer often says, “A moving meditation.”

One of my favorite poses is Warrior Two. While I needed Warrior Two to help me feel strong and centered in the past…it has changed over the years. “Warrior Two is an empowering posture. There is so much more to Warrior Two. The pose offers a strength that is peaceful. We can be strong while our hearts are open. And most days, we have a room full of warriors!”

Over the past few years Jennifer has continued to take trainings, learning, and growing. She is interested in promoting good bone health, “We take our bone health for granted. The way that I teach now is a mindful way of how we are in our poses. Yoga is a great, natural way to build bone health.”

She has also trained in trauma informed yoga and often incorporates this within her practice, helping us to regulate our nervous system.

And Jennifer often adds, “How we do anything is how we do everything.” This recently made me giggle as my mat was set up in between two spots with all of my stuff scattered. I reminded her that, “How we do anything is how we do everything!”

Over the past years, yoga has changed me; there has been a lot of personal growth. I would not be where I am without Jennifer and the other yoga instructors or the yoga room. As my first consistent yoga instructor, Jennifer has stood with me over the years in Tree…and Warrior Two. She always says, “Yoga is a way of life.”

That is true. I am nicer after yoga. And I always leave more peaceful.

Inviting any and all yogi’s, “Step into the room-we are inviting. Step into our sacred space,” Jennifer offers. When you do you will feel what most of us do…

There is magic within these walls. And Jennifer is part of that magic.

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  1. JoAnn Jones on August 31, 2022 at 3:03 pm

    Love your story about Jennifer and your personal experiences about yoga , Pam . You are such a very good writer, keep it up. I am lucky to know you & call you friend 😍. God bless