The Magic of the Yoga Room: Margie Koch

I am in the yoga room in Margie’s class and all of a sudden, I feel her hands on my head as if…as if she is doing a MIND MELD. To listen to our StoryCorps interview, first click: “Read More” and then click here: The Magic of the Yoga Room: Margie Koch

I immediately relax even more into the mat and think to myself, “Either I’ve watched too much Star Trek or Margie is brilliant!” (It’s both by the way.)

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know Margie. At first in yoga classes as fellow participants and then as the instructor. Margie was born to be a yogi and yoga instructor, embodying everything there is about yoga.

What I remember most about Margie’s yoga classes, besides her amazing adjustments and mind melds…which she explains in the interview, is her meditations and suggestions. Two come to mind: “I’ve stopped being busy,” and my favorite, “Why worry about something that hasn’t happened?”

This second story was shared many months ago when as Margie was starting class and we were in a comfortable position (always flat on my back for me!), she told a story of being on a beach with a group of girlfriends. It was a beautiful morning on the beach and the group was discussing what to do and how to enjoy the day. One person commented, “You know it’s going to rain later.”

Margie paused when recounting the experience. “I thought to myself: Well, we can enjoy the day and the time together or worry about something that might not happen.”

It’s not surprise that the group enjoyed the day.

And Margie told us AT THE END OR CLASS-talk about creating suspense-It never rained.

Last summer Margie’s Friday morning classes were held outside on the pool deck. That…was amazing: the blue sky, yoga, being outside, and it was so quiet.

For the past few months, I’ve been attending her Sunday afternoon classes: Heated Ashtanga, BE Meditation and Surrender. Heated Ashtanga ends with the class chanting. And the first time I was in class and it happened, I thought, she must be joking. She was not. So, I tried it. Okay, I thought.

However, the next time I tried, it was a completely different experience. And yes, I felt even more energy and the vibration of all the yogi’s in the room. Our eyes are closed, and the sound is incredible.

My newest favorite class: BE Meditation is fifteen minutes of complete stillness. I can’t even tell you if there is music. The first time I did this, I thought, “Yea, right.” How does this work? We are in a fairly large studio with at least thirty yogis on mats. I closed my eyes….

And then…Margie brought us back and I felt as I had gone somewhere else for hours. I was a noodle. When I mentioned this to my friend Colleen, another yogi in the class, she said, “You found the magic!”
Oh, yes, I found the magic!!!

Margie loves yoga and embodies the spirit of what is yoga. Her classes are interesting, challenging, fun and enjoyable. Margie always closes class by saying, “My light sees your light. Now, go shine bright! Namaste.”

I loved having the opportunity to talk with Margie one on one in the yoga studio. Almost as much as I love her mind melds. Shining bright….

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