Vison Board Playshop

 Hi there, Love Luminary!

Valentine’s Day is our Vision Board Celebration of friends and envisioning our dreams for life and love!

Spend time googling images of things that speak to your heart and soul. I will also have magazines/stickers/images that I have acquired over the years as well for you to use.

One other idea to be pondering:

  What are the 3- 5 qualities that you absolutely want to share with your partner?

These are the top non-negotiable things that we uncovered in the conscious dating work we have done recently or your past work with me. 

It may be something like, Integrity, trust, mutual respect, kindness, joy.

I have found it very powerful to write or type out these words and place those on your vision board. What resonates with you? Looking forward for fun and making our dreams for life and love come true!

Hugs and love, Sandy

The email invite hit my inbox promising an afternoon to relax, think about our vision for the future and spend time as a Love Luminary with Sandy.

I was all-in.

As my usual, I allowed the idea of what I would need to think about and bring reside in the back of my brain as I lived life. I knew that inspiration would come when I least expected it.

It did.

Realizing that my entire life and everything in my house is a Vision Board (it helps when you live like a teenager), I simply looked around to decide which images and words would make the most sense for a present-day Vision Board.

I put the gathering of images off for as long as I possibly could. Three days before the program, I tried to order pictures from my phone. For whatever reason, the order would not go through, which I took as a sign to try another time.

Two days before the program it’s early afternoon as I scrolled through photos taking screen shots so that when I hopped on the app, I could easily pick out the prints I needed. I realized that this was going to be harder than I thought. Mostly because I was scrolling pictures that I had not looked at in quite a while.

What I found were inspirational quotes, snap shots of Wonder Woman, pictures of family and friends. Clicking order, I burst into tears and had to remind myself to breathe. Immediately dialing my friend Carolyn, she answered and listened to me cry until I calmed down. She spoke to me in soothing tones trying to figure out what had caused this response. Figuring it out, she began telling stories and continued to let me cry it out. Calming down we were able to talk about what distressed me and gradually my breathing calmed.

How am I going to design a Vision Board of dreams for life and love if this is the reaction I got collecting pictures?!

Easy answer. I trust Sandy Tomey.

Putting my pictures aside until Monday I allowed myself to feel whatever I was feeling.

On Valentine’s Day, we gathered at Sandy’s settling in for an afternoon of inspiration and love. We spent a few minutes Introducing ourselves and sharing our Sacred Love Journey. Sandy encouraged us to think about where we’d like to be as well as our experience with Vision Boards in the past.

“We are all Soul Sisters on the Sacred Love Journey! This is a safe and sacred space where we can share our relationship dreams and challenges in non-judgment and love, and empower each other to explore our passions, live our purpose, create a life we ADORE and attract the Love of our Lives! Everyone is in a different place on the Sacred Love Journey, and we honor that. Everything we hear and share in this sacred space remains confidential.”

Sandy showed us her Vision Boards which were images and words which inspired manifesting the love of her life. Which she did-TWICE!

As Sandy began leading us in a guided meditation, she spoke of goals vs. vision…reminding us, “This is the agenda of your soul!”

“Close your eyes and take a few deep, slow breaths. Put your hands on your heart and breathe deeply in and out of your heart center. See your breath as it enters and exits directly through the area around your heart. With each outbreath, Let go of anything not serving you, any doubt… breath it all out and be here now in the present moment.

Anchor into the part of you that knows deep down inside that you did not come here to be alone, but that you were born to love and be loved. Reignite the part of yourself that recognizes that you do, indeed, have the power to grow your capacity to love and be loved! You are ready now to reach new heights, connect to true love, and step into your passion and your purpose!!! What is an aspect of your life that would give you great joy to visualize? FEEL how you are feeling being in the presence of your dreams.”

Completely relaxed in the presence of my dreams and in a comfortable chair when Sandy suggested opening our eyes, I felt calm and peaceful.

We spread out with our poster boards and our pictures, magazines, and thoughts. Carefully I laid out my pictures and memories of high school returned. I hadn’t thought about the collages I had made in years, however, even back then I was creating a vision for my life.

We worked quietly and chatted sharing ideas. The calm peace remained as I lovingly created my vision of a life which included love in many forms-with my children, my friends, myself, a loving, committed partner and my work. There was sunshine and beaches, reminders to trust my intuition, pictures of my kids and I. Inspirational quotes to breathe, stay strong and focused and to allow the magic to happen. It all spoke to and from my heart. Once more, I felt the depth of my healing. Smiling, my Vision Board simply made me happy. My vision inspired me.

And, Sandy Tomey, the Love Luminary, has ignited my heart and soul with hope and promise and love.

Expect good. Sparkle ON.

Sandy Tomey, PCC, Love & Relationship Coach for Singles & Couples, Sacred Journeys Coaching



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